My name is Zal, A Photographer from Bowmanville, ON.
I would like to share a little bit about myself with you.

For a number of years, photography has been a passion of mine. I focused mainly on capturing my travel memories along the way. As an avid traveller, I have been very lucky to visit many different countries during my early adulthood. My travels have helped shape me into the individual I am today. Travelling through parts of Europe and Asia has given me the opportunity to pursue my passion for photography whilst travelling.

I am very interested in Renewable Energy and Sustainability. Whilst pursuing Renewable Energy and Sustainability, I put Photography on hold. It was not until after I finished my post-secondary studies in Renewable Energy, that I picked up my old camera and started capturing moments. I decided to pursue photography as a full-time career, as family, friends, and neighbours clamoured to purchase my artwork!

I started out working as a photographer’s assistant, learning many more techniques and styles of photography. Working as an assistant for a few years has helped me fine-tune my skills as a photographer and has given me the confidence that has helped get me to where I am today. Over the past few years, I have worked with real estate brokerages photographing interiors and using drone technology to photograph aerial views of properties. Further courses have helped me branch out into lifestyle photography.


My love for animals, especially dogs, goes back to the time I learnt how to walk. I have been surrounded by dogs since I was a toddler. After high school, while I was visiting family in India, I got a summer job at a vet clinic. It was a unique opportunity. But, as all great things must, it came to an end when summer did. I returned to Canada and completed my degree in Renewable Energy and Sustainability. It was valuable knowledge, learning about dogs through the summer job. It was only after I started taking photos of my brothers Chiweenie, did I decide to incorporate both my love for dogs and photography by further educating myself in Dog Photography, by doing an online course and participating in weekly mentorships for Dog Photography.

So now it was easy. ‘What do I do?’ was a question that answered itself. My passion for dogs plus my skills in photography inevitably equaled Dog Lifestyle Photography!

There is nothing I love more than picking up my camera, taking some beautiful candid portraits of your dog, and in one snapshot giving you a moment in time that will last forever.


Capturing Candid Moments

Capturing individuals in candid moments is what I love to do, it is an amazing feeling being able to work with someone in an informal way to capture what they are feeling and creating a memory out of it.


Capturing Moments High in The Sky!

Having a drone gives an amazing perspective a few hundred feet above the ground. The drone can take photography and videography to the next level. Our Drone Pilots at Cedar Media are Transport Canada Certified and are Insured. We like to make things simple for everyone while giving you a wonderful experience.


Pets Are Awesome

I enjoy capturing their personality, Drool and All! One question I get asked often is why pet photography? My answer is Why the heck not! Pets, especially dogs are awesome. Dogs are a huge passion of mine and it all started when I was able to capture my brothers Chiweenie. After a while, I said to myself “Holy Shit” these are great, and the rest is history. Having a puppy, I am always capturing a moment of Chloé either from my cell phone or my camera, she has grown to be comfortable around a lens and I hope I can do the same with your dog.


Architecture and Real Estate

Architecture and Real Estate has always been a passion of mine. I have been capturing buildings for over a decade. Having family in Real Estate it was a “no brainer” to take it upon me to photograph homes. In addition to photographing homes, I took an Interior Staging course and have been able to tie in Virtual Staging with photography.

Bohemian Bliss Yoga

I have been working with Zal over the past summer through a few different photo shoots, and a video. I loved his work when I first saw it, and I have continued to go with Cedar Media for the entire summer. He has done about 6 photo shoots and every time I have been happy with his work. He very responsive and willing to make it to a shoot last minute. I really appreciate this in a photographer as running an outdoor business, Bohemian Bliss Yoga, the weather can change all the time. He’s understanding of cancellations and throughly listens to what needs to be captured. He also has very creative ideas of his own as well! I high suggest Cedar Media!


Zal is extremely professional. He took time and care to expertly edit and curate a 30 minute video for me. The quality was outstanding and of great value. He was very responsive when I had questions or concerns, and made me feel comfortable throughout the entire process. The project was completed in a timely manner and Zal was very reliable. I highly recommend the services of Cedar Media!


Professional, punctual and talented. I have hired and will continue hire cedar media for my small business needs. I was recently in need of a new way to advertise my consulting business and I was referred to cedar media by a colleague. I was a little skeptical because I hadn’t heard of them before – however – I was pleasantly surprised when I met with Zal (the owner) who went out of his way to spend extra time to deliver the exact photos I was looking for.

Great customer service and exceptional work ethic!

Would totally recommend.